Saturday, August 30, 2008

Work: Who Can you Trust?

Can you trust the people who run the store?
Can you trust the supervisor’s or management?
Can you trust your co-workers?
Can you trust yourself?
Can you trust that nobody will say anything about you?
Can you trust that people can listen to your complaints, and not make them into a big deal, and tell everyone making the problem seem bigger than it really is?

Did you know that more then half of people who work cannot trust the people who employ them?

Did you know that more then half of YOUR employee’s have a problem with either you, or others in the workplace?

The staff members at YOUR restaurant need a safe place to go, and a good CLIMATE! Do any of you know what Climate actually really is? Respect! Trust!

Most people get jobs for four important reasons:

1. To make money
2. Escape problems at home
3. Socialize/make friends

4. To gain work experience

Do you actually think you’ll run a good store, if someone is unhappy?

You probably didn’t!

That ONE person can change the way everybody feels.

When you look around, do you see happy people? Or do you see people with a thousand masks, masking their true emotions? Emotions, that they are afraid if they say something, then someone is going to say something? Or make the problem fall directly on them, when really; the problem is everyone.

I myself, is that person; putting a face on when I go to work, so everybody thinks that I am happy… however, am I? No. Not really. In fact, I can see right through everyone’s little “face”. In about 2-3 years, I am hoping to come out with a book `A Person with a Thousand Faces. We are like diamonds, you and I.

Who am I?

I am just an ordinary person, who studies human behaviour; and if you are not happy with yourself, then, are your employees?

To conclude this blog, I would like to say this:

"Change how you feel about yourself"

To run a good business, it all starts with the management/supervisors.

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