Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving On Out

It has been a long time since I last wrote. It's spring Time Now!

Things are still going as planned... not letting to get anything in my way. Going back to Saskatchewan for a bit to say good bye to everyone before moving to Vancouver. Still looking for a place... Or should I say, START looking for a place. 

Right now, in my head, it's ALL about me. I don't really care how everyone's days are going, I don't care too much about what I used too. The career choice path I have chosen, will consume 90% of my time. 

Getting accepted into Vancouver Film School, and being the 2% that has been accepted; really opened my mind about certain things in my life. How fortunate I am to actually been given this opprotunity to pay tuition off fully, without worry of student loans. Having a nice place to stay, without worry of, "Will I be able to pay my rent on time?"

Things happened in my life, that of which, I couldn't understand at the time why it happened,  or how did that end up happening? 

As I mentioned before, I moved to Red Deer, AB to start a new beginning for myslef, get out of debt, sober up. I guess living here was sort of like a form of rehab. On May 20th, is my year anniversary of living in Red Deer, working for my sister. 

As I sit here typing, things rush through my head. I have moments of happiness, and moments of self doubt and sadness. Some even anger. 

I tend to worry alot... That worrying can sometimes backfire, and I don't get the confidence to really show my true potential. 

I, of course, when applied for Vancouver Film School, didn't really expect to get in (self doubt). However, I took the chance, sent my application and resume in; and got accepted. 

So, the things I learnt here in the last few months is self confidence, responsiblity, trust my myself, and the meaning of true friends.