Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Coming to an End.

1 month to graduation!!

Has it really been 16 months? Time flew by so fast, especially in the last couple months.

We (38's), have been through so much! Emotional and physical changes. People leaving, friendships made, and friendships lost.

Am I really ready to graduate from school? Vancouver Film School has been like a second home. The people I went to school with are like my family.

Built trust with so many people.

I am afraid to graduate, cause it really means that I am on my own.

A quote from our teacher Andrew M. always stays in the back of my mind. Constantly:

"This is really happening... The time is now"

Holy shit! Sometimes I feel like I am prepared and ready to leave school. Start my career, a new beginning, a whole new perspective on life.

I remember coming to Vancouver, and thinking that I had it all mapped out. But now. Shit. I don't even know what my first step is going to be. I feel a little lost sometimes; and I am too chicken shit to ask anyone if they feel the same way. I am sure someone has got too. So many people in my class seem to have it all mapped out, and prepared.

Confidence... *sigh* Everyone says to "be confident in yourself". It's hard when on a daily bases, your taking hits from people... Hollywood Stars must be like a fucking front line.

No matter if I am ready or not. It's coming...graduation.