Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ready to Leave the Prairies

Moving across Western Canada, from Saskatchewan to Alberta, then from Alberta to British Columbia... People always ask me; How was I able to do this type of thing. Moving from everything you know, moving from a type of lifestyle I have lived for 18 years of my life.

I simply tell them,
"I look at what I want out of life...
And the things that I want are not found in Saskatchewan or Alberta... I don't fit in with the people in the Prairies of Canada."

My family, and people who know me best, know that I don't belong in the "prairie world". I have everything in Vancouver ready for me when I return for good in August. Hopefully, I will be able to find friends quickly within the first few months. I am a very social person, I need friends to be able to function properly. I live a life that matches the lifestyle of a Vancouverite.

I have the biggest itch ever, to start my new clean life, and learning to become someone I have always wanted to be. To make my dreams and goals in life, to come true.
To be with people:
"Who look like me, act like, who don't give a fuck like me."
~Eminem Song

It seems that as day and day pass, there is a little bit of sadness behind the happiness I feel... The little hint of sadness, is that how a felt when I left Saskatchewan for Alberta. The feeling that the people I met, the changes I had made are being left behind here, and I am just taking what I learnt, and bringing it with me.

The one thing that I have always been able to do better since I left Saskatchewan, is to care about myself, learn about myself... When I put myself first, I started to realize who I really am.
Moving from Saskatchewan taught me that I am way stronger than I thought I was. Moving to Vancouver, away from everything I now, taught me that, once again, I am stronger than I really am.

Being able to move away from family, friends, my life; in my mind benifits me... I will see everyone I knew from Saskatchewan and Alberta again. I think that is what helps in the end. Because, then we will be able to share different stories, expiriences, and have more fun than we would if we partied together every weekend.

I treasure my family and friends. Being apart from my family for a certain amount of time, will help me have more fun with them. I am not really a family person, I am more a friendship person. Spending a large amont of time with family, literally, drives me insane.
So, it's only just 24 days away, and then Vancouver, here I am.