Sunday, August 17, 2008


Why is it as a society, we'd rather see two men holding guns; rather than two men holding hands?"
~ Claire Pontague

As a Heterosexual, I don't know why people think that Homosexuals are "disgusting", or "in the wrong".

Is it really that much of a difference from the traditional man and woman? For centuries there was always just one way of doing things. A certain way one gender feels about another gender, or a certain way one gender acts.

Well, get with the times people, get used to change! Everyday things change. Change has been changing since the beginning of time!

Why would homosexual's disgust someone? It is not like the man who is attracted to other men, or females attracted to other females are going to be allover you...

Here is a good thing to think about!

Guys (heterosexual): Are you attracted to all females in the world?
Girls heterosexual): Are you attracted to all males in the world?

Your answer will probably be No!

So, here is something to think about.. Why do you think that all gays/lesbians are attracted to the same sex? Why do you think that they are attracted to you? Chances are, they aren't.

Why can't people just accept that times are changing, and other people feel differently towards the same sex, you might feel towards the opposite sex?

They aren't hurting anyone! They are not talking, or looking at you. So, why do you care so much that people are gay/lesbian?

It isn't disgusting, it isn't necessarily wrong. And if so, who made these rules up? I know in the Christian Bible it says it is wrong. However, some people cannot help it. Some people are born that way. Just like some people are born heterosexual.

Here is a quick story: I work with this female who is dating this guy, where his son, would rather play with teacups, then race cars. Is this kid going to be homosexual? Maybe not! Not all homosexual/lesbians are like the opposite sex.

Metrosexuals (like myself): A straight man who embraces the homosexual lifestyle, i.e. refined tastes in clothing, excessive use of designer hygiene products, etc. However, is NOT ATTRACTED TO THE SAME SEX.

So, again why are you disgusted by homosexuals/lesbians? Some of the homosexuals act more manly then the heterosexual males. And some lesbians act more feminine then the heterosexual females.

We (as a society) would rather see violence then love... Doesn't this disturb you just a little bit?

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